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Village Candidates


Bob Fritsche

Ossining Village Trustee

Bob is grateful for the continued support of the Ossining Democratic Committee as he seeks a second term as Village Trustee. He is looking forward to continuing his work on the Comprehensive Plan, police reform, the DPW site and development, the Route 9 Diet along with a parking study throughout our Downtown. He is heavily involved in these initiatives and plans on seeing them through to fruition. In his second term, he will continue to put his best foot forward to make Ossining a better and safer place to live.


Omar Lopez

Ossining Village Trustee

Omar is excited to pursue a second term as Ossining Village Trustee. In his first term, there are three priorities that he has had a leadership role in advancing. Omar worked with former Mayor Victoria Gearity, the Working Committee, Village staff and the consultant firm BFJ to gather meaningful community feedback for the Comprehensive Plan and incorporate it into the current draft. On the Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative, Omar has worked with community leaders to gather meaningful feedback for reforms. Lastly, on the DPW Mixed-Use Mixed-Income Development, Omar partnered with Trustee Robert Fritsche, Village staff and the developer Wilder Balter Partners to design a process that would capture meaningful community feedback, since land use issues are some of the most impactful and complex that the Board addresses. This project would address multiple community needs, from cleaning up a brownfield site to adding affordable housing options. The Village is on pace to approve this project in 2021. Omar looks forward to building on these accomplishments in a second term.

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