District Leaders

What is a district leader?

District Leaders are dedicated volunteers who represent registered Democrats in election districts throughout Ossining. They are typically active members of the community who are well-informed about local politics and the qualifications of those seeking office. Their primary responsibilities are to vote on which Democratic candidates to support in local elections, and to collect petition signatures to get those candidates on the ballot.

There are 30 election districts in Ossining, and up to two District Leaders can represent each district. Every even year, individuals seeking to serve as District Leaders collect signatures from registered Democrats in a particular election district. The act of collecting the signatures typically becomes the election process for the District Leaders. Collecting signatures is also an opportunity for District Leaders to interact directly with Democratic voters in the election district they represent. These interactions can be opportunities for voters to learn more about candidates and the local democratic process, as well as provide District Leaders with a sense of the concerns and priorities of voters. 


Use the map below (or click this link) to find out your election district. (If you follow the link, note that your district is the last two digits of the Election District number.) Then find your district leader in the list provided. 


1     Julie A. DiLoreto

1     Katherine Milcarek-Burke

2     Kemi C. Pogue

2     Fern N. Quezada

3     Marlene Cheatham

3     Northern Wilcher, Jr.

4     Rika Levin

4     Robert M. Fritsche

5     Manuel R. Quezada

5     Thomasina Laidley-Brown

6     David Kezafrika

6     Michael G. O'Connor

7     Dana Levenberg


8     Faye A. Dittleman 

8     Gregory Meyer

9     Steven Felsenfeld

9     Suzie E. Ross

10   Elizabeth Feldman

10   Victoria P. Gearity

11   Ashoke Rajdev

11   Holly G. Perlowitz

12   Susanne Donnelly

12   Claire Gasbarro 

13   Mary E. Young


14   Kevin P. Connolly


15   Hasani L. Lilley


16    Etta J Lobel Walsh

16    Natalie Felsenfeld

17    John C. Van Steen


18    Gloria B. Fried

18    John W. Fried

19    Catherine Borgia

19    Ryan Lofaro

20    Charles R. Bennett

20    Tracy Wilcher

21    Eric Gearity

21    Eric P. Blaha

22    Benjamin J. Zebelman

22    Robert Daraio

23    Dana White

23    Christina Picciano



25    Caroline Curvan

25    Omar J. Herrera

26    Andrew Ferris

26    Gabrielle Hamilton

27    Marcel Florestal

27    Caleb E. Hersh

28    David R. Krieger

28    Jennifer Fields-Tawil 

29    Wendy Rivera

29    Jerlyn A. Lopez 

30    Omar Lopez


Click the map above to see street-level detail of Ossining election districts.