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Town Candidates


Jennifer Fields-Tawil

Ossining Town Council
JFT headshot.jpg

Jennifer Fields-Tawil has lived in the Unincorporated Town of Ossining for over 18 years. For the past eight years she has worked for Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, most recently as her District Office Manager.  In this capacity, she has been intimately involved in helping Ossining residents with the day to day challenges that they face in our community. Her work in the Assemblywoman's office has also allowed her to develop contacts and relationships with people at all levels of government, enhancing her ability to solve the problems experienced by all Ossining constituents.


Her knowledge and experience in the inner workings of government, as well as her personal experience as a resident and parent to children in our school district, make Jen uniquely qualified to represent both the Unincorporated Town and the greater Ossining community as a member of the Town Board.

Jen F-T
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